Big4 Auditor Changes week ending 10/13/2013

Just four Big4 auditor changes to report this week, nearly all of which involve Ernst & Young. Books-A-Million let go of EY, ending a relationship that lasted less than eighteen months.  B-A-M has identified a new auditor, and will announce the engagement once independence procedures are completed.

As reported last month, EY resigned as Bio-Rad auditor.  This week, Bio-Rad engaged KPMG.

Calling the Crestwood Midstream Partners auditor change a change is only half right.  Crestwood recently completed a merger, and EY continues as auditor of the new, merged entity, while Deloitte was dismissed.

Sitting out for the third week in a row is PwC.  No new engagements, but at the same time no clients lost during that period.

Here’s the full list in easy to read table format:

Filing Date Company Location Old Auditor New Auditor Dismissal / Resignation
10/8/2013 Celadon Group, Inc. IN KPMG LLP BKD LLP Dismissal
10/9/2013 Books-A-Million, Inc. AL Ernst & Young LLP Dismissal
10/9/2013 Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. CA Ernst & Young LLP KPMG LLP Resignation
10/10/2013 Crestwood Midstream Partners LP TX Deloitte & Touche LLP Ernst & Young LLP Dismissal

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Round and round and round…


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