Big4 Auditor Changes week ending 07/07/13

Even with the July 4th holiday, we still had action on the Big4 Auditor Carousel. Ernst & Young virtually caught fire by picking up three new clients.  This after weeks of steady losses.  Look out world, 2020 Vision starts now!

In a bit of a reversal from last week, we saw Big4 firms take clients from some smaller firms.

Here’s the full list:

Filing Date Company Location Old Auditor New Auditor Dismissal / Resignation
7/2/2013 Pulse Electronics Corporation CA KPMG LLP Grant Thornton LLP Dismissal
7/2/2013 Inergy, L.P. MO Deloitte & Touche LLP Ernst & Young LLP Dismissal
7/2/2013 Titan Machinery Inc. ND Eide Bailly LLP Deloitte & Touche LLP Dismissal
7/2/2013 KCG Holdings, Inc. NJ Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP
7/2/2013 Accelerate Diagnostics, Inc. AZ Comiskey and Company Ernst & Young LLP Dismissal
7/3/2013 Genmark Diagnostics, Inc. CA Deloitte & Touche LLP Ernst & Young LLP Dismissal

Good luck to all as you get the second quarter closed and reviewed. Auditors, be kind to your clients, and clients kind to you auditors. We can all get along.

Tune in again for the latest in Big4 moves.  You can follow us on Twitter, or have updates automatically emailed to you by clicking the “Follow” button to the rights.

Round and round and round…


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