Big4 Auditor Changes week ending 05/12/13

One and a half auditor changes to report this week. PwC resigned as auditor of IXIA.  CopyTele let KPMG go and engaged smaller Haskell & White.

Filing Date Company Location Old Auditor New Auditor Dismissal / Resignation
5/9/2013 IXIA CA PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Resignation
5/10/2013 CopyTele, Inc. NY KPMG LLP Haskell & White LLP Dismissal

As for what else is going on? Glad you asked.  A radio spot for Dog Bite Prevention Week helped me realize that anyone can call any day or week anything they want. Talk about an industry ripe for regulation!  Until then, I’ve determined that next week will be Change Your Auditor Week.  Any company changing auditors May 13 to 17 will receive special recognition right here, and a lucky few on the twitter feed as well.  This is really no different from any other week, but it feels so much more official when it happens during Change Your Auditor Week. Stay tuned.

Thanks for taking a spin on the Carousel.

Round and round and round…


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