Q1’13 Big4 Auditor Changes Summary

Since the end of the calendar quarter on March 31, we’ve spent a bit of time crunching numbers in terms of clients gained and lost at each of the Big4 firms.  We’ll start off with the bad news, clients lost:

Auditor Number of engagements lost*
Deloitte & Touche LLP 11
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP 7
Ernst & Young LLP 6

* engagements lost includes instances where auditors were dismissed, as well as when they resigned.

For clients lost during the first quarter, Deloitte was the winner (loser?).  Nearly half of their 11 losses went to rival Ernst & Young.  That’s not pleasant.  PwC and Ernst & Young lost three clients each to recently disgraced KPMG. I wonder if any of those companies are thinking twice about their decision to change?  And the KPMG losses were spread out, with a couple clients going to smaller firms.

Now for the good news…gains by firm were as follows:

Auditor Number of new engagements
Ernst & Young LLP 9
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP 5
Deloitte & Touche LLP 2

KPMG is the clear winner here with 13 new clients.  Do they have a great new marketing strategy? Probably.  Might be something along the lines of rock bottom fees.  On the other end of thing, Deloitte is the big loser with just two client wins.  Ernst & Young checks in with a respectable 9 new clients during the quarter.

If you net the wins and losses, KPMG again comes out on top with a net gain of 6 clients.  E&Y takes second with a net 3 client gain. PwC had a net 2 client gain loss, and poor Deloitte was the only Big4 firm also with a net loss in clients. Let’s see, 2 clients won with 11 lost…that’s a net loss of 9 clients for Deloitte.  Scary times for D&T.

That’s all we’ve got here for our Q1’2013 summary.  Don’t forget to check here regularly for our weekly summaries and all the latest Big4 audit change information.

Round and round and round…


2 Responses to Q1’13 Big4 Auditor Changes Summary

  1. adsad says:

    Your def not an accountant. Pwc lost 7 and gained 5, that’s a net LOSS of 2. Hence, Deloitte is not the only one with a net loss.

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