Big4 Auditor Changes week ending 02/17/13

Just two auditor changes to report involving Big4 firms this week. Empeiria engaged PwC as P-dub was already the auditor of a company Empeiria acquired.

Envestnet let go of McGladrey due to independence issues. It seems McGladrey provided some, “assistance with processing Envestnet’s instructions related to the creation and modification of a spreadsheet that Envestnet uses to calculate its income tax provision.” While Envestnet doesn’t believe McGladrey’s independence was impaired, they went ahead and engaged KPMG to re-audit 2011 and audit the full year 2012. How’s that for a Valentines Day present?

Filing Date Company Location Old Auditor New Auditor Dismissal / Resignation
2/14/2013 Envestnet, Inc. IL McGladrey LLP KPMG LLP Dismissal
2/14/2013 Empeiria Acquisition Corp NY Rothstein Kass PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Dismissal

Why limit yourself to just Big4 news? Take a few minutes to visit our sister site, The Auditor Carousel. There you can find information and discussion related to all auditor changes.

Have a great week, and tune in again soon. Round and round…


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